Music arrangement

What is a music arrangement? it is very simple to explain. This service is for any composer, singer or other that need his own composition to be fully orchestrated and recorded for professional musicians. Yes! we can do that!

Send your music with a simple recording via email. It could be a mp3 or a phone recording. We don’t need high quality audio.

After listening to your song we’ll start recording instrument by instrument to provide you a fully orchestrated song. In the style you want, with all the instrument you want. And sounding like a real professional CD.

f you’re in the road of recording your own album and getting music arrangements get in touch with us. We’ll answer your very fast.

music arrangement

Download backing tracks

Download backing tracks

If you want to get the best backing tracks please visit our website you will be able to download the songs to the computer in a few steps. All the songs have a proper ending and realistic sound! visit the website now!

You will find more than 20.000 titles in all genres, pop, rock, jazz, musicals, etc. You will be able to download backing tracks in mp3 music. Click here to start listening to the demos.

download backing tracks

speed up

Fastest backing tracks

You must to remember the normal turnaround for having a song it’s about 4 weeks. And also it could take a little more. This is because we have a production list scheduled in the studio. When a new place takes order it get a place in that list.

fastest backing tracks

but if you’re in the hurry!  And you need fastest backing tracks We give you the chance to get an expedited service. This will speed up backing tracks to a week. We’ll give you priority over all the songs are being produced.
An expedited song cost from $125, Get one now 

fastest backing tracks






What is a musical arrangement?

If you are a composer, if you own songs you has written through the years. We offer you the opportunity to get the full orchestration of this music, we can make the musical arrangements for any of your songs.

If you’re looking for a studio to record your demo we can do it! if you want to record your album we can do it! Send us your own compositions!

musical arrangementsWe will record your songs with the maximum sound quality in the musical style you want and with the number of instruments you want. Our musical arrangements are professional pieces of music. It doesn’t’ matter how it sound your recording, send us the audio in mp3 format and we’ll quote it. you will see the prices are very affordable.

What are you going to get?

You will get the fully orchestrated song with professional musical arrangements, completely ready for you to record your voice in your favorite recording studio. Or you will be able to mix the entire project because we will provide you with the master for each instrument.

A simple musical arrangements cost from $249, get one now! 

Write us right now to get a quote do it now, do not wait longer to make your own recording. You will be in love with the results!


What’s a normal Backing Track?

A normal song, is a song that has a simple and easy orchestration. The duration of a normal song does not exceed 6 minutes. Such songs do not have arrangements with trumpets or sax or guitar solos complicated.

About Backing vocals, these are simple and few voices.
If you think the song you want to get is more difficult than normal email us attaching the song. We will reply indicating whether it is a normal song, or is a more difficult song.

A normal Backing Track price is $80 you can Get one now 

Custom backing tracks

custom backing tracks

Enhance your performance using our custom backing tracks We’re the best option you have! Stop searching on another websites. Try making your music with us! it worth it!  We perform songs on demand, mainly custom tracks. We also realize the orchestration of original songs. Everything made from scratch! thanks for reading about us.

custom backing tracks

We improve the sound

You’re very welcome to our website! When we create custom backing tracks we do it perfectly using the best samples and best quality recording.  The songs that will deliver you will sound much better than the original audio references.

Send your original music to us! do it by email and we’ll answer you with a quote!

With our professional custom backing tracks  you will have no problems on stage! your music will sound amazing!

send us an email to

Thanks for trusting in our custom music you will love the results and you will see why we’re the best company in the music industry! We’re karaoke manufacturers since 1997.  Write us now! We’re also composers and we arrange any kind of song. You will get a discount if you send more than 20 songs to be created. Send us an email, we’re here to help you. Our customized services are waiting your you!

Send as an email right know to quote your custom backing tracks.

custom backing tracks